137cm Outdoor Grill

  • Product Overview

    Masterful Performance – Wolf outdoor grills specialise in nuanced temperature control—the key to successful grilling. We combine the searing power of independent grill burners—up to 38.2 kW on the 137 cm model—with even, radiant heat from ceramic briquettes. The result? Predictably delicious meals. The precise high to low temperature control lets you masterfully grill anything from mouthwatering ribeyes to enticingly crosshatched vegetables.

    With Wolf, you can count on exceptional performance for decades; every Wolf outdoor grill is precision-welded, double-walled stainless steel that will not rust or hold water. Yet the heavy-gauge hood lifts with a light touch, assisted by concealed springs.

    The ICBOG54 is sculpted from our signature stainless steel and has six individually contained burners for independent heat control, including a powerful 7.5kW infrared sear zone, two 4.1kW rotisserie system and three 7.5kW grill burners. Halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface and the classic red control knobs are LED lit for easy nighttime grilling.

    Only available built-in.

  • Model Options
    • ICBOG54
    • ICBOG54-LP
    • Built-in Only
  • Specification
    • Height
    • 686(mm)
    • Width
    • 1372(mm)
    • Depth
    • 762(mm)
    • Cooking Area
    • 483mm x 1270mm
    • Grill Burners (3)
    • 7.5kW
    • Sear Zone
    • 7.5kW
    • Rotisserie Burner (2)
    • 4.1kW
ICBOG30 - 76cm Outdoor Gas Grill

The rotisserie holds up to 11 kg of meat. Smooth rotation ensures even doneness. Two positions let you set the ideal distance from the burner, whether you are cooking small items, such as game hens, or large ones, such as roasts.


Wolf’s ignition system is designed for reliability. Depress the knob and a hot coil ignites the gas. Wolf briquettes emit consistent radiant heat that, combined with the burners, provide uniform temperature distribution.

Stainless Steel Grates

Stout, 10 mm thick stainless-steel grates retain and radiate more heat for more even grilling and restaurant-worthy sear marks. The stainless-steel grates will not rust or chip, and can be cleaned simply with a wire grill brush.

Infrared Sear Station

A powerful, 7.3 kW sear station on the 91 cm, 107 cm, and 137 cm models emits exceptionally high heat, searing in delicious flavour for mouthwatering results.

Smoker Box

Your grill can act as a smoker with the help of the included sealed smoker box. Using your choice of wood chips, add extra smoky flavour to your barbeque and favourite grill creations.

Three-Position Warming Rack

It may be called a warming rack, but with three positions, it can do so much more—roast vegetables, slow-roast ribs, warm buns, and keep foods moist and ready to serve.


Versatility abounds with the teppanyaki plate accessory. It lays directly on top of the grill grates, creating a smooth cooking surface for preparing more delicate items. Sauté vegetables or shrimp, toast hamburger buns, or even fry eggs.


LED lights positioned above the Wolf signature red knobs make it simple to adjust the controls in dim light. Black knobs are also available as an additional accessory.


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