Outdoor Gas Grill


Outdoor Gas Grill


1372 mm

Grill Burners

(4) 7.5 kW

Rotisserie Burner

(2) 4.1 kW

Additional Features


The rotisserie holds up to 11 kg of meat. Smooth rotation ensures even doneness. Two positions let you set the ideal distance from the burner, whether you are cooking small items, such as game hens, or large ones, such as roasts.

Ignition System

Wolf's ignition system is designed for reliability. Depress the knob and a hot coil ignites the gas. Wolf briquettes emit consistent radiant heat that, combined with the burners, provide uniform temperature distribution.

Ignition System copy WEB
Sear Station Closeup WEB

Sear Station

A powerful, 7.3 kW sear station on the 91 cm, 107 cm, and 137 cm models emits exceptionally high heat, searing in delicious flavour for mouth watering results.

Smoker Box

Your grill can act as a smoker with the help of the included sealed smoker box. Using your choice of wood chips, add extra smoky flavour to your barbeque.

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