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Sub-Zero is the only home refrigeration system with dual refrigeration, which simply means that the refrigerator and freezer have separate compressors. This has several advantages. Frozen foods need very cold, dry air. Refrigerated foods need somewhat warmer and much moister air. Each compressor maintains precisely the conditions needed on its side of the unit with the compressor running only when needed. In other refrigeration systems the single compressor has to pull double duty—wear and tear you avoid with Sub-Zero. In a Sub-Zero unit, thanks to dual refrigeration, air never passes back and forth between refrigerator and freezer. Which means you’ll never again have frozen foods picking up unwanted flavors from the fridge. No more onion-scented ice cubes. Yes, all combination refrigerator/freezer models have dual compressors.

No. We are strictly a residential built-in refrigeration company.

We distribute our products through a network of dealers. Please contact your local dealer for pricing information. Click here to find your local dealer.

We require 230 Volts, 50 Hertz, 13 AMP socket.

Yes. Refer to the Installation Guide for your product, as it is very important that this device be installed. You can download the Installation Guide for you product by clicking here and selecting your product.

A door stop limits the travel range of the door to 90° or 110°.

The word ICE will appear in the LCD display by the freezer temperature.

Clean with a mild solution of soap and warm water. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners as they may scratch interior surfaces.

Every 3 to 6 months. See your Use & Care Guide for instructions on cleaning or click here for step-by-step instructions.

No. It may appear so, but because there are two independent systems and compressors in our Sub-Zero products. Therefore, the freezer compressor could run, followed immediately by the refrigerator compressor. This may give the illusion that one or the other is running continuously.

Yes. However, the unit will still need to be blocked as specified in the installation manual and will require side panels, as the sides of the unit are unfinished.


Sub-Zero products are at or above all industry standards. The life expectancy, as with any product, will depend upon other factors such as daily use and climate.

We recommend using rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth to remove any residue left behind as a result of packaging.

No, please consult with your dealer and/or designer. Sub-Zero offers a limited selection of Stainless Steel handles through your local dealer.

To prevent damage to your sealed system, you must wait 24 hours before plugging in the unit.

We can recommend a stainless steel cleaner, please contact customer service to purchase.

48-72 hours.

8 cubes every two hours.

Yes, an inline filter is recommended for water with high sediment.

All 400 series models have 2 independent temperature zones.

We require ¼ inch (O.D) copper tubing for units containing an icemaker.

Please contact our customer service department. Cost will vary depending on model.

ONLY on 200 or 300 under counter series. Please call customer service for information on swing change requirements.

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