All Freezer Column

ICBIC-24FI All-Freezer-Column
ICBIC-24FI All-Freezer-Column
  • Product Overview

    Designed to seamlessly merge with your decor. Sub-Zero integrated products have no visible grilles or hinges, making it possible for your refrigeration to be indistinguishable from other cabinets and drawers around it.

    The 610mm wide ICBIC-24FI All Freezer Column provides 338L of storage space engineered to keep air dry to prevent frost and freezer burn. To aid internal organisation, five adjustable door shelves accompany three adjustable wire shelves and three storage drawers. Additionally, an automatic ice maker includes a “max ice” command, which allows for increased on-demand production of purified ice by up to 30 percent for 24 hours.

    True handle-less integration can be achieved with the addition of a Sub-Zero press-to-open accessory.

  • Model Options
    • ICBIC-24FI/S/TH Classic Stainless Steel with Tubular Handle
    • ICBIC-24FI/S/PH Classic Stainless Steel with Pro Handle
  • Specification
    • Height
    • 2134 (mm)
    • Width
    • 610 (mm)
    • Depth
    • 610 (mm)
    • Energy Class
    • A+
    • Energy Use
    • 369 (kWh/yr)
    • Decibel Rating
    • 46
    • Ice Production
    • 1.8-3.0 (kg/day)
    • Volume Freezer Net
    • 338 (L)
    • Temperature Freezer
    • -15 to -21 (˚C)
    • Shelve Depth
    • 310 (mm)
    • Voltage
    • 220-240 (V)
    • Electrical Connection
    • 13 (Amp)
Water Filtration System
Water Filtration System

Designed to reduce suspended particles, chemical pollutants, viruses and bacteria, this low-maintenance water purifier features a filter built to last 1 year or 3410 litres. Replacement is fast and easy.

Smart-Touch Control Panel
Smart-Touch Control Panel

The interactive easy-to-use controls use touchscreen technology to precisely regulate temperatures, giving you more access to more settings. The control panel’s small footprint further refines the interior.

Soft-On Led Lighting
Soft-On LED Lighting

Energy-efficient LEDs offer varying degrees of brightness, enabling you to customize preferences by controlling intensity levels.

Sub-Zero & Wolf
Automatic Ice Maker

An automatic ice maker provides crescent-shaped ice cubes and includes a “max ice” feature capable of increasing purified ice production by up to 30 percent for a 24-hour period.


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