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Princess X95





Sub-zero Appliances


Wolf Appliances


Introducing the X Class, and its flagship: the strikingly beautiful Princess X95.

With an expansive flybridge and main deck covering almost the full length of the yacht, she delivers an experience like no other yacht to date; intoxicating, extreme and exciting.

When outfitting luxury yachts, Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances match the high standards of design, performance, and durability that is expected on yachts. Their robust construction, superior technology, and elegant aesthetics. Sub-Zero’s refrigeration units feature advanced preservation technologies that extend food freshness, crucial for extended voyages where supply replenishment isn't always possible.

Wolf cooking appliances deliver precision and performance, allowing gourmet cooking even on the high seas. Both brands offer compact and custom sizes to seamlessly integrate into the limited and specific spaces typical on yachts, ensuring every inch is utilised efficiently. Additionally, their stainless-steel finishes resist corrosion, a common issue in the salty marine atmosphere.

Manufacturer: Princess
Model: X95

Size: 95ft
Sub-Zero appliances: 1 unit
Wolf appliances: 1 unit

Images credited to Princess Yachts Ltd

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