762mm Transitional Gas Cooktop

  • Product Overview

    The Wolf 762mm Transitional Gas Cooktop offers four dual stacked, sealed burners with a patented two tiered design that gives cooks greater control over a wide range of heat outputs from 5.3KW highs to 0.1KW simmers.

    The cooktop’s seamless burner pan is constructed from a single piece of stainless steel, while porcelain coated, cast iron grates make it easy to slide pots from burner to burner without lifting.

    The controls consist of four brushed stainless control knobs capped in black and set against an all-glass panel. LED backlit indicator lights appear around each knob only as controls are engaged, giving the panel a clean, quiet look when not in use.

    The polished appearance of the Wolf ICBCG304T/S Gas Cooktop makes it a natural fit for kitchens that blend traditional and contemporary elements.

  • Model Options
    • ICBCG304T/S
    • ICBCG304T/S-LP
  • Specification
    • Height
    • 102 (mm)
    • Width
    • 762 (mm)
    • Depth
    • 533 (mm)
    • Transport Weight
    • 23 (kg)
    • Voltage
    • 220-240 (V)
    • Electrical Connection
    • 13 (Amp)
    • Burner Large
    • 5.3 (kW)
    • Burner Medium
    • 3.5 (kW)
    • Burners Small
    • 2 x 2.7 (kW)
Patented Dual Stacked Sealed Burners
Patented Dual-Stacked Sealed Burners

Wolf’s dual-stacked burner design, with two tiers of flame ports, bring the flame closer to (or further away from) the cooking vessel to deliver the right heat for the task at hand.

Simmer And Melt
Simmer And Melt

The lower tier of the burner provides a range of control down to the merest breath of flame, maintaining the ultra-low Kw you need to melt chocolate and confidently keep soups at the ideal simmer for hours.

5.3 KW Burner
5.3 KW Burner

The most powerful burner on a Wolf gas cooktop ever. Boil even larger stock pots of water 25% faster than with earlier models.

Stylish Controls
Stylish Controls

Stainless control knobs capped in black are set against an all-glass control panel. LED-backlit indicator lights appear only as controls are engaged, giving the panel a pure, clean look when not in use.


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