Or Wolf Pyrolitic Self-Cleaning Ovens

Heave a sigh of relief and rejoice! No more harsh and nasty oven cleaning chemicals in your home, or regular and inconvenient oven cleaning services required. ‘How come?’ you ask. Well, with all Wolf range cookers, E and M Series ovens; the pyrolytic self-cleaning function is so simple and effective, you need do nothing more than remove the racks, set the function and let the oven do the hard work.

Reaching temperatures of over 400 degrees celcius, any food remains within the oven cavity are burnt to an ash powder, which can be gently wiped away with a cloth, once the oven has completed its four-hour cleaning cycle and cooled down.
You may have admired the porcelain coated, cobalt blue Wolf oven interiors and this is not only for beauty and to reflect the oven lights during the cooking process for a clearer view of your perfectly rising souffles, but is also designed to withstand the higher temperatures of pyrolytic cleaning, ensuring a more effective clean than many other brands, every time.

For safety, the oven automatically locks during the self-cleaning process and the triple glazed door remains just warm to the touch; avoiding any unwanted accidents, for example: unaware toddlers putting their hands to the door.

Of course, it is entirely possible to halt the self-cleaning function on a Wolf oven, once it is operation, if you ever have the need to and it is also possible to set a shorter cleaning process if required.

So, relax and make as much mess as you like, the Wolf pyrolytic self-cleaning function will take care of it!

Pyrolitic Self-Cleaning Oven