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Whether for al fresco dining in the British summer or outfitting for year-round use abroad, there are many features to consider when building your dream outdoor kitchen. The first question to ask is: what will this kitchen be used for? Classic barbecues with burgers and chicken skewers or full-blown three-course multi-cuisine dinner parties are equally achievable but only you know what’s best for you. This guide will provide you with an insight into the options for a luxurious outdoor kitchen design and the appliances available to make that dream a reality.

At the core of any design will be a Wolf Outdoor Grill - the apex of luxury outdoor kitchen appliances. Available in four different sizes, the Wolf Outdoor Grill can be made to fit any design. With the capacity to be integrated into countertops or sold on a cart, Wolf can adapt to any dream outdoor kitchen. No matter what is being made, the range and variety of this line of grills will make cooking restaurant-quality dishes easy. The rotisserie system especially provides a perfectly even grill for larger cuts and whole poultry, as well as being a fantastic conversation centrepiece for guests.

For a barbecue, there’s usually a limit to what can be cooked, but with separate contained grill burners, Wolf allows for precise and independent cooking. Heat control is the key to any successful grill, and this system will easily accommodate a sizzling sear of protein, a gentle grilling of veg, and a slow smoking of fish all at the same time.

Greater flexibility is granted by the choice of direct burner heat and ceramic briquettes; coupled with wide stainless steel grill grates, the control over your cooking has never been greater. Heat control even extends to the sleek double-walled stainless steel cover which stays cool to the touch even at high cooking temperatures.

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There are plenty of options for customising your cooking station with a wide selection of Wolf products. The addition of a side burner is ideal for making sauces, boiling pasta and simmering chilli to widen the food offering for your guests and also keep you from running inside to cook on the hob.

There are also many accessories available for maximising the use and life of your grill, including; BBQ tool kits, aprons, cleaning supplies, and canvas covers to protect against the weather.

Additional kitchen appliances, including the outdoor refrigerator drawers, are what truly drive the elevation from a patio barbecue to a true luxury outdoor kitchen. Much like the side burner, Sub Zero refrigerator drawers allow you to keep the cooking outside and eliminate the need to frequently leave the party.

Sinks, bin drawers, and warming drawers are all features that further cement your outdoor kitchen as the hub for outdoor dining and entertainment.

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