Aspirational Gets More Accessible!

08/09/2016 10:09:55

With Wolf’s new compact 60cm built-in ovens the world’s most aspirational cooking brand, has just become more accessible. New smaller, slimmer designs deliver a big performance, representing a significant step for the luxury cooking specialists previously renowned for their larger range cookers and roomy 76cm built-in ovens.

This is good news for both the consumers looking for cooking appliances to fit into standard European sized cabinetry, as well as property developers, who may favour a more compact appliance. Available in both 45cm and 60cm depths, this new width of built-in oven co-ordinates perfectly with other Wolf 60cm products, including Convection Steam oven, Coffee system and Dropdown door microwave to create custom banks of appliances, currently on trend across the UK and Europe.

Wolf appliances so beloved of professional chefs and high profile celebrities are often seen on TV cooking programmes, such as James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen and big budget Hollywood films. This new 60cm range of cooking appliances opens up the world’s most aspirational cooking brand to a wider audience, due both to its slimmer size, fitting easily into standard cabinetry and also to it’s slightly slimmer price tag. Wolf ovens are now more accessible to more kitchens – which can only be good news for more cooks!

Romance in the kitchen

Rustle up Valentine's day waffles or a sparkling cocktail for someone special

Reducing food waste

How much food do you throw out? The Uk’s waste and recycling advisory body, Wrap, estimated that 7.3m tonnes of household food waste was thrown away in 2015.

Chopping Chilli with Aldo Zilli and Sub-Zero & Wolf

Award winning chef, restauranteur and Sub-Zero & Wolf fan, Aldo Zilli joined the Sub-Zero & Wolf team at the Knightsbridge showroom, to help consumers decide which appliances to choose for their own homes, at a recent ‘Try Before You Buy’ day.

Wolf Oven Wins Innovation Award

Luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer Wolf has been awarded Gold Winner in the Innovation in Design category for Kitchen Products

Keep On Trucking!

Due to a large increase in sales and deliveries across the UK, luxury appliance brands Sub-Zero & Wolf have recently increased their fleet of delivery trucks. Three new 7.5 ton Iveco delivery trucks, all beautifully liveried to reflect the iconic brand’s current advertising campaign; have just joined the existing stable of delivery and service vehicles.

Raise your glass to sub-zero wine preservation

Sub-Zero wine preservation units are popular not only for their preservation and protection qualities, but also for their design flexibility – with full size, integrated, under-counter and freestanding styles, in either stainless steel or panel ready, they fit any room, any décor.

Best of Essex 2016!

Over recent years, the English county of Essex has become one of the most well known counties in the country; due in most part to a certain reality TV series.

Smokin' Hot!

What happens when you mix together, one BBQ guru, one self-confessed meat and BBQ lover, the owner of what is arguably London’s best butchers; established in 1860 and still family owned, with Wolf’s powerful 5.6kW gas fired indoor BBQ?


We were delighted to find Sub-Zero & Wolf on the front cover of Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine’s February 2016’s issue!

STAYING TRUE: Celebrating 70 years of Sub-Zero innovation and quality

When Westye Bakke fired up his Harley-Davidson in 1925, fully loaded with his wife, two young children and worldly possessions, and headed from Rice Lake to Madison, 230 miles south, could he ever have envisioned what lay in store for him?
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