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Locate and order on-line the full range of official Sub-Zero & Wolf accessories for your refrigeration, wine and cooking appliances. We are also delighted to offer a range of Sub-Zero & Wolf gourmet kitchenware, clothing and stationary. Perfect for you and your kitchen, or ideal as great gifts ideas for friends and family.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Bulk Storage Drawer

For ICBIW-18 Wine Storage

This special drawer easily stores a variety of wines in non-traditional containers, from burgundies and champagnes to taller flutes and imposing magnums. The rust-proof metal drawer with cherry wood front glides in and out easily, providing access without agitating the wine. Models IW-18, IW-24 and IW-30 accommodate a maximum of two bulk storage drawers, while model IW-30R accommodates one bulk storage drawer.
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