Richard Corrigan



Corrigan’s of Mayfair

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill


Wolf ICBDF484F Sub-Zero ICBBI-36U

Richard On Wolf

"I’ve spent my life working in professional kitchens with industrial pieces of kit, so when I’m at home I like the precision and consistency I get from the Wolf oven. All my life I’ve dealt with excellence, so clearly this is the only range I want in my home."

Richard Corrigan on Sub-Zero & Wolf

"I can honestly say that I am obsessed with excellence and can never settle for anything less. This is what moves me forward this is what motivates me and this is what drives me throughout my career and my personal life. I demand a lot from my people, myself and my equipment. Sub Zero and Wolf get that, their equipment are technical works of art but robust enough to stand up to my every demand over and over again. I trust this equipment with my creations and they never let me down."